I've started a YouTube channel!

I've started a YouTube channel!

Hi My friends!
Many of you know that over the last few years I've developed a passion for hiking.  This has been more than a hobby for me, but also a way God has spoken to me in new ways, at new depths.  I've learned so many lessons about doing hard things, pressing through the pain, enjoying each view... so so many lessons.  Not only that, but I started a hiking group and we have enjoyed so many sweet moments together... friendships built, heartaches shared, God-stories and victories shared, prayers prayed... it has been so lifechanging.  We explored new places together and even had our first retreat this year.

After the urging of a few of those friends, I decided to create a YouTube channel about hiking basics, and will be giving guided tours and tips/tricks for the best views in OC!

It would absolutely mean the world to me if you would like, share, subscribe, yada yada yada.... all the things! I am hoping to get 100 subscribers so I can get a custom URL.  Would you help me get there?

As always, thank you for checking it out! It's a bit scary going out on a limb in a new area, but hey... it's quarantine... and we all need to get out and get some fresh air in a safe way ;)  So, why not help people find some fun ways to do so!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I hope you'll join me on a hike someday soon!

Until then- XO,

Natalie Marie