3 Steps to Conquer Fear And Get on With Life

3 steps to confront your fears and get on with your life.

3 Steps to Conquer Fear And Get on With Life

Sometimes the very thing that frightens you the most holds the key to unlocking your destiny.

A long time ago I remember learning the lesson to NEVER say NEVER to God. Every time I would say "I could never deal with this person" or "I could never do that" it seems like the very thing I would say "no" to was the very thing God would put in front of me.

For a long time I just held those "never will I evers" close to my heart, afraid to utter them out loud. But, you know what? God loves us enough to uncover even what's in the DEPTHS of our hearts.

Most recently, I was confronted with one of "those." It wasn't until I was backed into a corner of having to choose to face it, or embrace a mediocre option that knew it was time for a change.

For years, fear kept me cowering and sheilding my heart from "it." Then one day, I finally looked fear straight in the face. I realized that the "it" that was hiding behind fear all along would actually turn out to be my destiny.

1. Stare your fear in the face.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you should always just take the things that sound the worst to you and go do them. What I AM saying is...

When we look closely at our fears, we can clearly see where our FAITH is lacking.

So take a second and look at what SCARES you. Stare it straight between the eyes, and ask it... " what happens if you come true?"

Most of the time, when we look close, even our worst case scenarios are totally survivable and even thrivable.

Actually, sometimes the thought of facing into them is even FREEING- it gives us the opportunity to envision a life free from regret. So, why do we give fear any more brain space?

The truth is, God LOVES us, and has promised that He will make ALL THINGS work out for our GOOD, even our worst case scenarios. The question is:

What is louder to you? The fear of the worst, or faith that God's good NO MATTER WHAT?

Rom. 8:28 We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan.

2. Tell Fear where to go.

Once I decided to stare that fear in the face and step towards the life God had for me, I have not felt ONE. BIT. AFRAID. Why, you ask? Well, I have a hunch...

I had come to a fork in the road on what I was going to do with this scary idea, and I knew the only option was to have a conversation with God. During that conversation, He asked me a critical question.

"Do you want to take a risk get the full blessing, or do you want to take the safe route and get half the blessing?"


He gave me the choice. He let me decide if I wanted to go after my life mission, or if I wanted to let fear keep it buried.

Fear or anointing. Pick one. You can't have both - Terry Kelley

I'm not afraid anymore because I told fear it had to go. I chose the anointing!

3. Slay

God has a funny way of helping us slay our fears and insecurities, and most of the time it's by putting it in our face and giving us the opportunity to conquer it.

In the moment, I knew God was saying...

You don't get to be FREE of pain but you do get to PICK your pain.

Would you rather live in the pain of regret or have the pain of growing?

The thing about conquering fear and going after your dreams is that it's NOT going to be easy. Nothing worth having is easy. And nothing that's easy is worth having.

I was reminded of a quote from my youth pastor... she always used to say, you have to "give up to go up." If you want to win the battle, you're going to have to work hard.

You are going to have to tell fear to go, often times multiple times a day. You will relentlessly have to give some things up that feed your fear (financially, socially, mentally). Examples:

  • Stop googling worst case scenarios.
  • Don't compare your life with someone else's.
  • Quit listening to negative people.
  • Catch fearful thoughts in your mind and REPLACE them with thoughts faith.
  • Quit entertaining 2nd best... you are worth the best!

You're going to have to fight fear with faith. And when you do, God promises that He's going to be RIGHT there with you!

Rom. 8:31 So what should we say about all of this? If God is on our side, then tell me: whom should we fear?

So whatever insecurities or fears you are facing today, I hope you feel more empowered today.

**Stare fear in the face, tell it where to go, & SLAY!

(Tune in to the next blog where I'll tell you more about what I am slaying ;))